About Us

Quality Pack Printing 2000 Co.,Ltd. (QPP2000) is flexible packaging manufacturer who provide packaging solution for customer. The business establishes since 2000 by focus on produce film for packaging of school milk industry. The company apply the experience and expertise from produce film (Liner Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) to develop product quality and new product line in order to support market opportunity from other industries for example vacuum bag, rice packaging, consumer goods packaging and agrochemical packaging etc.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision
A leader company in flexible packaging business while align with law and safety of consumers.

Our Mission
Continuously improve products, services, and business processes to delivery customer satisfaction and quality products.

Awards & Certificate

Quality Pack Printing 2000 Co.,Ltd. has certify and guarantee for product quality from independent certification institute which is recognition in packaging industry . The product quality has verified regularly in order to maintain service level and customer satisfaction.